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  • Cool Thinking smart technology

  • Intelligent warehousing

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    development path

    • Offline Machine 1999年
    • Linkage line 2009年
    • Whole line service 2012年
    • Completion of share reform 2014年
    • Whole line service + intelligent storage 2015年

    case show


    Shanghai Longteng Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1999. After eighteen years of development, it has become the leading enterprise in the intelligent packaging machine industry. The main business is the overall solution of the end-of-line intelligent equipment, and it is the first to promote the research and development of smart factories. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, Pudong New Area, China, owns Shanghai Longteng Technology Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Cool Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Star Joy Software Co., Ltd. and other wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries.

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      Add:No.138,Taoqiao Road,Nanhui Industry zone,
      Pudong New District,Shanghai 201300

      Email:[email protected] 

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    • LT.jpgWeChat Official Account

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